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Jun. 5th, 2011

(no subject)

A couple of busy weeks have passed, including my first ever visit to 'The Church' (antipodeans in London will know this hasd nothing to do with religion, except for it being on a Sunday), followed by a visit to the Walkabout in SHepherd Bush, Red Back in Acton and Jono's in Ealing. A maarthon day, starting at 11 in the morning, and collapsing into bed at 1 am. This was a good start to my half term break, although it did mean I did not catch up on any sleep. I could give you details on what happened that day, but I think I'll keep some of them to myself. I can tell you that I lost my friends in the walkabout, and found them again in the red back.

After this eventful day out I decided that behaving like an 18 year old is not really going to get me anywhere, and that drinking like a sailor is doing no benefit to my liver. So I decided that I really need a break from partying like an 18 year old, and act a bit more like a grown up. So it's out with alcohol, in with healthy food and lots of exercise. I have 6 weeks until summer holiday starts and I do want to be able to wear a bikini without being embarrassed about my many flabby bits I have at the moment. So I had a great run this morning, followed by a healthy lunch and some healthy snacks. I also did not drink any alcohol on my parents' anniversay party last Friday. They have been married 35 years and still going strong. It was a really good party, with lost of food, laughing and dancing and not drinking did not feel like a chore. It was actually really nice to wake up without a heavy head for once..

So being healthy it is. I need to loose at least 15 kg but I know I can't loose it in 6 weeks, so I'll take it in small steps. If I could loose 5 kg by the end of term that would be amazing.

May. 22nd, 2011

(no subject)

2 weekends, 2 weddings. Different people, different countries, same hangover :-)

Last week I flew home to attend my little cousin's wedding. She looked radiant and there was a lot of happy laughter during the whole day. True Dutch style we went to the party on our bicycles, which also meant cycling back, while wearing a short dress, which was riding up the whole time and I must have flashed quite a few people. I got drunk, but did not get up to anything gossip-worthwhile, mainly because my parents where there as well as all my aunts and uncles. Fliritng and pulling does not really work when you have crazy aunts doing silly dances around you :-) And there was noone worthwhile pulling unfortunately. The most attractive guy turned out to be gay, that says it all.

Now yesterday was another matter. I got way more drunk, and there is definitely gossip. I danced my socks of, or should I say shoes because my 4 inch heels did not make it to the end of the evening. sister of the bride tried to set me up with some guys, but I dismissed them all. Thinking those were the only single guys around I just focussed on having a great time (in other words getting pissed). And just after we saw the bride and groom of  bumped into a guy and got chatting. We both thought it was weird we had not seen each other the whole day. So we had a whiskey (I had mine with lemonade to make it actually drinkable) and there was definitely chemistry. Unfortunately one of his aunts (he was the cousing of the groom) told him he needed to get his dad to the hotel (with whom he was sharing a twin room, boo). I on the other hand heard my friends looking for me, as they were waiting to drive back to our hotel. So I told him to walk me to the car, which he did. We did make a quick stop though, and had a really nice snog (he was a really good kisser!). Unfortunately my friend came around the corner and yelled quite a loudly 'omg, I found Kim, she is kissing someone!'. This startled me so much I pulled away from him and we kind of fell backwards into some scrubbery. My friends burst out in laughter and got quite embarrassed so practically ran with her to the car. No phone number exchanged unfortunately...
Might ask my friend for his number to thank him for a great kiss and sorry I ran off. 

Really good night, and very nice ending (apart from attacking the scrubs). Am feeling it today though. Long journey back involving replacement bus service also does not help. So for now I am nursing my hangover and keeping my fingers crossed he contacts me somehow.   

May. 8th, 2011

(no subject)

Wow, my butt hurts, as do my arms. Training yesterday was awesome! I hadn't trained on Saturday for ages, because of holidays, feeling unwell, having been out the night before and not waking up until 12 noon etc. And of course the longer you leave it the harder it is to get back into it. But I kicked my own butt out of bed, went to help out with kids class, and then did 2 hours of training. Basics class was awesome. We have a new black belt from Japan who is just incredible. Every preconsieved image you have of a Japanese person is embodied in senpai T. He is extremely polite but deadly, which means he kicks your butt and sweeps you so you end up on your back on the floor, and then he apologises for it, hilarious. Anyway, basics was good and we did a lot of kicking, including some spinning jumping round house kicks. So much fun.
Sparring was tough but good. Hadn't sparred for yonks, and I was definitely unfit but I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I cannot make the next two weeks due to weddings but hopefully after that I wil get stuck into it again.

I am planning to go for a run right now, but 'll probably die withing the first mile. Ah well, at least i am trying. My aim to loose two stone (15 kg) by next week will probably be unachieveable, but maybe by the end of summer I will hopefully have lost some of the weight and regained my fitness.

I also went to a masked birthday party, and caught up with my previous housemates, which was lovely. I do really miss them and really need to make more effort in catching up with them.

i feel good about myself and my life this weekend. Saw lots of friends, did lots of exercise and feel on top of my school work. Let's hope the whole week will be a good one. Friday I will catch a plane home to go to my cousin's wedding, which I really look forward to. So I'll catch you later :-)

May. 6th, 2011

(no subject)

Another week has passed, and it was actually a pretty good one. The kids were not too badly behaved (apart from the 'abnormal' ones) and I am actually sort of on top of things. This will change very quickly by next week, when I suddenly have marking to do and have no time in the weekends due to weddings. By the way, my plan to loose 2 stone before then has not really worked, and the fact that I cycled to and from work each day this week has been undone by a massive piece of chocolate fudge cake yesterday evening :-(

Anyway, am off for some drinks tonight, karate tomorrow morning, birtthday present buying tomorrow afternoon, birthday party tomorrow evening, and catch up on sleep and work on Sunday.

catch ya later. 

May. 2nd, 2011

(no subject)

And so ends my 4 day weekend, after a 2 day work week. Next week is only 4 days long and then I only have 3 full weeks of work before May half term....aaaaah life is tough ;-)

M 2 day work week was a result f a 48 hour bug that kept me in bed /in vicinity of the W.C. for 2 days. Let's just say I was pretty happy to be home alone during these days as I would not wish anyone having to experience me being ill like that (it wasn't pretty).
School was ok for two days although the kids just behaved like they were still on holiday.

The weekend was very chilled. Friday morning I watched the wedding on tv (Wills and Kate) before heading to the centre to soak up some atmosphere. The soaking was done in St. James Park in company of J, L and P (J, L housemates, P = friend) and enjoying some beers. This was followed by a stroll down Southbank, and a few pubs. Saturday was a day filled with pretty much the same: a bit of training, lots of sunshine enjoyment, chilling in the park, pub and dancing). To be honest, Sunday was pretty much the same as was today, with the expectation of doing a bit of work today; exactly the weekend I was after.

Love life? Well, my crush is still going on, and it didn’t help at all that there was a lot of flirting and hugging going on Saturday night, which then fizzled out when I was told by him I would probably have more luck  trying it on someone else?! How dare he, as he was the one instigating all the flirting. Sigh.....better to forget about it anyway. He is so not the right guy anyway, but it is very hard when there is no-one else to focus on and someone is giving you a lot of attention. Just feeling a bit frustrated and annoyed by him at the moment. grrrrrr.

Right, am watching Glee (oh how I love the over the top, breaking into a song at the most inappropriate moments TV) before i head to bed. I am cycling to school tomorrow, and Wednesday and Friday as well; need to get my life sorted before normality starts again.

Sorry for all the typos, really cannot be bothered checking them at the moment.

Apr. 22nd, 2011

(no subject)

My 'tropical holiday's is coming to its end, and tomorrow afternoon I'll be flying back to London again. It's been a good few days. I've seen lots of friends and their babies/kids/pregnant bellies and have another baby visit tomorrow lunchtime. I thougt it would make me really broody, but I am surprised that although I know I would love to have kids someday, I am also pretty happy with my life at the moment and there is no rush just yet.

It was my birthday yesterday and I can safely say that I don't feel any different being 31 from being 30, hurray :-) I had a few people over, including brother and new girlfriend, aunt and uncle, and cousin and aunt. Very chilled out and relaxed as I didn't want to make a big fuss. Mum and I went shopping today, and I haven't shopped like I have for a long time: 3(!) pairs of trousers, 2 tops, shoes and I will go back for another top tomorrow. I will be ignoring my credit card for a while but sometimes a girls just needs to let loose :-)

Nothing else to say except for the fcat  that my legs are still reddish from the front and winterpasty from the back, boo. But we still have tomorrow, I'll just have to position myself at my friends house in such a way that my calves catch most of the sunlight.

Apr. 20th, 2011

(no subject)

In my new health and fitness craze I went to the gym yesterday and did a step class followed by a body combat class. My calves are very sore tody.

I also sat in the sun way too long yesterday and ended up with bright red shins and milky white calves....nice..

Apr. 19th, 2011

(no subject)

It's been over a year since I have said hi to you all. Life has been very hectic and I had to put livejournal on a hold for a while. This is not a promise that I will keep writing again; to be honest, this migth just ne a once of post again after which I will go into hibernation again. But for now I just felt the need to write a little bit, so here we are.

To much has happened since I was last here. Since lst year I have completed my PGCE course and I am now a science teacher. I started my NQT year in september on a school which is definitelt not for the faint hearted. It has been tough, tougher then I ever could imagine, and to be honest there has been times I wanted to give up. But I don't like giving up, so I persevere. The lows are lower then I expected, but the highs are definitely higher. I made some rally good friends at the school, and some f the kids are absolutely lovely and very funny. working at the school is definitely a case of ''earning your grounds". The kids give you a hard time for at least the first year. I am now 2/3rds in my first year and they have definitely not made it easy. I have also never worked this many hours before. But then again I choose this profession and I do like the pressure. I do not regret my choice at all, but the holidays are really necessary to refuel the energy levels.

Besides work I also moved house again. I now live in London with 3 lovely new housemates, 2 guys and a girl. All a bit younger then me but it works out excellent. We live by the very cheesy expression 'work hard play hard' and we have hit the weekends pretty good. I am loving it. The also introduced me to lots of other people who are all very funny and nice and they take my mind of work and let me relax and enjoy the ride.

I am also 2 days from turning 31 which is weird. I do not feel 31 at all, at least not according to the picture that fits a 31 year old. I still live with other people, am still very single, no kids, and only just started out my new career. It's more like turning 21, but you know what, I don't mind.

Of course there is always 'the crush', and of course I have one currently. It's one of those crushes that will probably fizzle out and to be honest it would not be a good idea anyway, but I cannot help but fantasize. He's a friend of J and E (who I live with) and when we just met we had a drunken semi-kiss (I don't think you could actually call it a semi-kiss even. It was a drunken let's-have-a-hug-oh-no-my-lips-touched-yours-kiss). Nothing else happened since then expect a lot of banter and telling each other we think they are awesome etc. A few weeks ago we had a night out where he told me that I was awesome, looking really hot and I should never change etc etc. My reaction? That's so sweet....*hug*...let's drink to that...The perfect 'I have no idea what to do with this so let's just forget it ever happened'-moment, which wasn't my intention at all but I do become a bit socially inept when a guy that I fancy starts saying this like that. It's tiresome and I don't know what to do about it al.

So we've covered work, house, love (or lack of it) and age...what else to talk about? Oh yeah, exercise and karate. Well, at the moment karate is taking a bit of a backseat. I train twice a week but because of work my motivation is lacking a bit. However, in my holiday I have regained my love of exercise again (which is very necessary because I have never weighed as much as I do now) and I am determined to get fit again, lose at least 15 kg and get back into karate again!

Right, for now I am going to enjoy the sunshine. I'll probably check in again in a few days and who knows maybe oon after that again.

Lots of love.

Jan. 25th, 2010

(no subject)

I know I have been very absent lately. Somehow I can't seem to find the motivation to post on my LJ. Things are going well. Karate is good, although black betl class leaes me feeling like an utter idiot, not knowing anything yet, and especially having to handle a bo (for non-karateka: bo=long stick).
My course is going well. Second placement school is very interesting, definitely a challenge and no two days will be the same. I have my work cut out for me and I am looking forward to it.

And lastly, have a look at this video, pretty amazing I think :-)


Dec. 28th, 2009

(no subject)

Wow, it's been 6!! weeks since I've logged in and written something. Sorry for my absence.

Life has been very busy and I literally have been unable to access LJ for some time. School took over the weeks after my grading and I can honestly say I have never worked this many hours before. Life consisted of lesson planning, marking, revising, writing essays and where time some sleep. Although utterly exhausting, I did really enjoy it. But thank whatever entity for Xmas holidays!!

I'm home at my parents at the moment. It's been really nice so far, too much food, too much wine, too much chocolate, lots of fun. I'll be here until the 3rd of Jan, before I head back and start uni again. I will start my second school placement mid January, and the school I'm going to go to apparently is 'interesting'.

Karate has been on the back burner for a few weeks. We're having the Xmas break and will strart training on the 16th of Jan again.

For now though', Im enjoying my free time and I hope you're enjoying yours. I have a few dinners and new born babies to visit. So catch you later!

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